Woman And Cars

Women and cars are synonymous with one another. Usually, there is a trailer queen (the car) and a girl (in a bikini or skirt and heels), but there are some exceptions.

One exception is Caroline Kidd. Caroline is the founder of Changing Lanes, an auto blog written by a women in Ireland. On Changing Lanes you won’t find women dressed in skirts and bikinis but you will find an interesting perspective on cars and the auto industry from a really cool woman.

Caroline was cool enough to allow talk to me about some of her automobile experiences and opinions, here is what I asked her:

1. What was the ugliest car you have ever owned and how did you acquire it?
I’ve only ever owned one car in my life, a Volkswagen Golf MkIV, and I think it’s beautiful!


2. What are a few modifications that you feel are just ugly or bad taste, regardless of car make and model? 
Cars that are lowered too much so it looks like they are sliding along the ground. Also really dislike wheels that are too big for the car, massive rear wings, and dodgy aftermarket light updgrades, like strips of LED lights on 15 year old cars!


3. What was your motivation for creating Changing Lanes?
I love cars and I’m good at writing so I wanted to combine these two things and hopefully make a long-lasting career in the industry.


4. Other than cars, what else interests you?
I love learning new things and I read a lot. I’m constantly curious about the world around me and the people in it.

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