5 thoughts on “Trust Me, When I Finish It You Will Love It (updated with new pics)

  1. Whether you do or do not like the work done on this Camino , that is your personal preference .The two photos of this El Camino were taken while it was still being worked on and in an unfinished stage . If you saw it finished you would see seamless workmanship that the factory would be proud of , innovative things like an automatic hood raiser and numerous other innovative ideas . Personally , I would love to have the talent to do this work .

    1. Totally agree Lenny. Well said. I updated the post to include the updated pics of a more finished car. The truck looks awesome. Nice work!

    1. Joe, the car looks wicked now! Nice work. I guess the person that submitted it to my site should had stressed that it was a work in progress. The end result is really cool. That’s my opinion at least.

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