Top 10 Ugly Cars of 2017

Top 10 Ugly Cars of 2017

A car says a lot about its owner and these ugly cars tell us that the people that purchase them have poor vision or no vision at all. I know, you are screaming at your screen saying, “Who cares! As long as the owner thinks the car looks good that’s all that matters!” I agree with you, but that won’t stop the rest of us from judging their poor automotive decision making. If you have taken a look around Ugly Car Pictures you have no doubt found a few cars that you feel are not ugly cars (you won’t find many though). I get it, to say a car is an ugly car is totally subjective. Don’t kill the fun.

Lets get started, here are the Top 10 ugly cars from 2017! Let me know what else belongs on the list in case I missed a car or two or three.

10. Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee actually doesn’t look so bad from the rear. It’s the front end that is disturbing. The Cherokee probably wouldn’t be on the list of ugly cars if it wasn’t for those headlights. Sorry Jeep.


9. Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke should be renamed the Nissan Joke. One of the ugliest cars on the road in 2017. Much like the Jeep Cherokee it’s on the list because of a hideous front end. It just doesn’t look right, the headlights look out of place.


8. Fiat 500L

Any Fiat could probably be on this list of ugly cars but the Fiat 500L takes the cake as the ugliest Fiat. The Fiat 500L looks like some kind of weird minivan or Mini Cooper.

7. BMW i3

This one is going to get me some hate mail for sure. No ugly car list is complete without a little controversy. The i3 might be impressive in terms of technology and overall performance but it looks like there were a thousand different designers that worked on it and never collaborated on what the final product would look like.


6. Toyota Yaris

It needs a facelift.


5. Toyota Mirai

What in the world is this? No one at Toyota noticed that this thing was going to be an ugly car before production? For real? The Mirai better have a low carbon footprint or else few people are going to buy this thing.


4. Infiniti QX80

Too much chrome. Are those vents on the sides functional? Regardless, the Infiniti QX80 is a bulky, ugly car.


3. Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is the third Toyota here. Come on Toyota, something needs to be done in your s design department to reverse this trend in 2018.


2. Lincoln MKT

Is it a hearse? The front end looks like a baleen whale. Ugly.


1. Mitsubishi i-MiEV

I’m sure the gas mileage is great but the design is horrible. Is there a rule in the auto manufacturing world that says all electric cars have to be ugly cars?



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