Top 10 Auto Blogs You Should Be Visiting If You Like Cars

Finding a quality auto blog that offers something other than endless car reviews, unattainable supercar pictures, and repetitive automotive industry news can be difficult to find. You could spend hours searching the internet for the best auto blogs and you still wouldn’t find several of blogs I’ve listed below. If you’re a car person and you are tired of Car and Driver and Motor Trend you need to check these out.

 Celebrity Cars Blog: Have you ever wondered what kind of car Sylvester Stallone and Adam Sandler drive? Celebrity Cars Blog lets you see what kind of car just about any athlete and/or celebrity drive. I’m embarrassed to admit that this site is interesting.

Speedhunters: These guys are awesome! They are an international collection of car photographers, writers and drivers with some of the most interesting auto articles that you will find. Something for everyone here.

FossilCars: A site dedicated to only classic cars, there is every kind of car on here. If you are looking for a old classic or odd car you will most likely find it. Where else could you find a 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier with 43,000 miles on it for sale! I like looking around FossilCars even if I’m not looking to buy anything.

Corvette Blogger: Are you a Corvette fanatic? Corvette Blogger is for you. Everything Corvette, all the time. Nothing else. Check it out.


The Humble Mechanic: Insight into the mind of an auto mechanic and cool dude. If you like working on cars you need to check him out.


Mustang 360: Auto blog dedicated to all things Mustang. If you own a Mustang you should already be visiting Mustang 360.


Zero To 60 Times: I like looking at the 0-60 times of all types of cars and trucks. Man, those muscle cars from the 60’s and 70’s were slow!


Scotty Kilmer Youtube Channel: One of the best automotive channels on Youtube. Scotty is an auto mechanic of nearly 47 years and has a video for all types of car problems.


Stance Is Everything: Wait, this is not all about negative camber. These stanced cars are wicked cool! You owe it to yourself to check out some of the really cool cars on this blog/site. Don’t be deterred by the name.


The Safe Driver: Interesting reads about driving safety and driver education. I admit that at first it doesn’t sound too exciting but once you start looking around I guarantee you will find some really interesting perceptive.

Am I missing an auto blog/site? Leave me a link to it in the comments section.

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