The Worst Car Mods On The Roads Today (2017 Edition)

Remember jacked up rear ends on muscle cars? How about excessive neon lights? There is a reason some car modification trends just don’t last; they suck. Let’s take a look at some of the current car modification trends out there that you should never do to your car no matter how cool it seems. If your car already has one of the car mods below please do the rest of us a favor and take car of it. We are sick and tired of seeing this garbage. Actually, if your car has one of worst mods send me a picture of it first and then take care of it.
If you know someone that has one of these ugly car mods please send them this list.

Now let’s get started.

Donk Cars:

What is a donk car? A donk car is a really big, usually American car, (think Caprice or Impala) with giant tires on it. They often have an interior as hideous as the exterior.  If you ever see one of these cars you need to take cover or arm yourself because a drive-by shooting is about to ensue.

Themed Donk Cars

Which car mod is worse than donking a car? Themed donk cars of course! Basically take a donk car and give it some kind of silly theme, like McDonald’s, Kool-Aid or Kit Kat.

America Extreme

Before you send me hate mail let me explain. I’m not opposed with one supporting his/her country when it is done in good taste. Good taste. There are plenty of ways to show your support for America that you could opt for instead of doing this to your car. These cars might be good for a parade but not for my garage.

Confusing Body Kits

Body kits that are meant to make a Camaro look a Mustang are never a good thing. If you do decide to install a body kit mod on your car please do it in good taste. Don’t make the mistake that these confused owners did. This is not a cool car modification.

Houston Swanga Tires

If you have some time in Houston you have no doubt seen this garbage swangin around. You can’t miss them, unfortunately. I guess the tires would be of use during a zombie apocalypse so you could mow down a pack of zombies in no time. Note to self: stay away from Houston, Texas.

Anything Pink

The color pink (purple too) should never end up on a car, ever. No matter what you do it just doesn’t work. Take a look at these gems as evidence that putting pink on your car is one of the worst car modifications of 2017.

Bad Wraps

Wraps are a good alternative to paint because they are not as expensive and are not permanent. If you are going to wrap your car please don’t wrap it in garbage like these owners did. A good rap is good, but a bad wrap is surely one of the worst car mods around today.

Stuffed Animals

Yes, stuffed animals is now considered a car modification. The horsepower and torque gains are tremendous. Not!


The people that put eyelashes on their cars are the ones that put sweaters on their dogs. There is just no way that eyelashes on a car look good. This car mod needs to go away.

There it is, the worst car modifications of 2017.  I’d like to hear what you think, am I missing anything? Let me hear it.

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