Barbie Grand Cherokee

Barbie Jeep Sad Cherokee

If Barbie had a Jeep Grand Cherokee this is what it would look like. Check us out on Facebook.

Ugly Jeep

It’s A Jeep Thing, Right?

I don’t even know where to start on this Jeep. From the custom exhaust tips to the oversized rims this Jeep is flat out ugly….

Ugly Jeep Wrangler

Ugly Jeep: Have A Jeep Day!

This Jeep is a monster. I’m fairly certain this is not how the majority of Jeep lovers envision modifying a Jeep.

Ugly Jeep Wrangler

Ugly Pink Jeep Wrangler

This ugly Jeep Wrangler was submitted from Scranton, PA. Do you have an ugly car picture? Share it with the rest of us, you can…

Ugly Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ugly? Jeep Grand Cherokee

This Jeep Grand Cherokee isn’t so bad. I have seen worse convertible conversions. Location: unknown