Ugly Dodge Magnum

Ugly Pink Dodge Magnum

Pink should not be a car color, regardless of gender. Location: Michigan, United States

Ugly Oakland Raiders and Golden State Car

Oakland Fan? I Think So

What is the owner going to do when the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas? Location: Oakland, California

Ugly Dodge Charger

This Ugly Dodge Charger was submitted by Changin Lanez via their Facebook page. If your a fan of anything Dodge, especially the Charger and Challenger,…

Ugly Van

Ugly Van

The paint on this van looks it was given to a child as a blank canvas. Location: Arizona, United States

Ugly Dodge Magnum

Deadly Dodge Magnum

Not sure what the purpose of those things on the rims of this Dodge Magnum are but they look dangerous. Location: Texas, United States