Malibu Mudder

Thanks for checking out Ugly Car Pictures, the largest collection of ugly car pictures on the internet! All types of ugly cars, shitty mods, car fails, and car memes are welcome. If you think a car is ugly it probably is and deserves to be seen. If you have a picture that you want to share with us please submit it.

Yes, Ugly Car Pictures is completely subjective. A car that has been poorly modified or looks bad because of a reckless owner is subject to finding its way into my collection of ugly cars. All makes and model are fair game; donk cars, ricers, muscle cars, new cars, old cars, trucks, and shitty cars all belong on Ugly Car Pictures.

Your comments and opinions are always welcome, I love to hear what others think about the shitty car pictures and car fails that are sent to me. Again, thanks for taking a look and I hope you get a laugh (or cry) out of the ugly cars here. These are by far the worst cars you will see from around the world.

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