Are You A Gearhead?

If you’re a gearhead there’s no doubt you have already visited BANGshift has a ton of stuff for gearheads and car enthusiasts alike. Make sure you check out my favorites, the crash and burn and funny stuff videos.

Recently, Brian Lohnes, a co-owner and co-editor of BANGshift was kind enough to allow me to interview him while he was working a drag race in Georgia.

Brian and Kerri
Brian and Kerri

Question 1: What was the ugliest car you have ever owned and how did you acquire it?

The ugliest car I have ever owned was likely my first car which was a 1984 Monte Carlo that was a factory two tone brown paint job. I saved my money and had the car painted blue before it ever saw the street with me in it. Oh, not having the money to replace the interior, I had a blue car with brown guts. It was pretty goddamned bad.

Question 2: What are a few modifications that you feel are just ugly or bad taste, regardless of car make and model?

Buying and installing anything off of a chain parts store “chrome” aisle is always a bad idea. People who stick portholes, fake hood scoops, and other “accessories” on are completely doing it wrong. At least the people who stance their stuff are DOING something to the car. I do cringe when I see a car stanced to the extreme on the highway because I’m always waiting for the thing to fly across the road and mash into a busload of nuns.

Question 3: What was your motivation for creating

Chad and I started BangShift in 2008 because we felt like there was an opening to create a website where gearheads of all different stripes and styles could hang out and see the stuff that they are interested in. We skew heavily to the drag racing world but you can see stories about all different motorsports and general gearhead stuff on BangShift every day. It is amazing to both of us the success the site has experienced and the size it has grown to.

Question 4: Other than cars, what else interests you?

I’m a bookworm when I have the time, so mostly on airplanes. I read about all different kinds of things like philosophy and history, biographies, etc. My kids interest me a bunch and they’re gearheads in training. We have built a couple of go karts together and I really enjoy spending time with them along with my wife. We travel when we can as well. We live in a great country and seeing every inch we can is important to us.


I am the co-owner and editor in chief of, a professional racing announcer who works all of the races on the NHRA tour, I contribute to a bunch of magazines, and I do television work on Fox Sports along with the Velocity channel. I am married to my wife Kerri who I started dating when I was about 16 years old and I have two sons who are named Tom and Jack. I’m hopelessly hooked on anything involving engines.

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