Ugly Car Picture Mazda Pickup Truck

Black Widow Mazda Pickup

Looking for a custom design for your pickup truck? How about giant spiders? It looks really cool! Location: Dallas, Texas

Sexy Ford Escort

This Ford Escort is so sexy I can’t help but wonder what the owner looks like. Location: Dallas, Texas

Ugly Car Picture Monster

Ugly Monster

Nice paint dude. This car sure is a monster. Location: unknown

Ugly Car Picture Geo Tracker

Ugly Geo Tracker

The Geo Tracker is the next best thing to a Jeep Wrangler. Especially with flames on it. Location: Seattle, Washington

ugly pickup truck picture

Ugly Cowboy Pickup Truck

Look closely or zoom in on the front push bars. It says, “Cowboys Butts Drive Me Nuts!” Location: southern United States for sure